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I've had this player for 2 months now and its been great. The main reason I bought this was for the dual HDMI, as I have an older receiver which will not pass 3D through. Lately when I "try" to watch 3D content the signal seems to drop/sketch in and out. Anyone else having this problem? -I have the HDMI mode set to "separate". -I have tried other HDMI cables and different inputs on projector. -never happened during 2D -Sometimes happens on initial start, before viewing...
I've been told this unit is supposed to support 4K, I cant find anything in the manual or settings to support this. I think i've been lied to...... Can anyone either confirm or deny this?
Just a quick FYI, You were absolutely right in saying there needs to be a 3D signal present to access the 3D Monitor. However, with keystone active you are unable to access the 3D viewing monitor.
Thanks HMenke, I'll give that a try. Thats unfortunate about the keystone seeing how as if I don't take advantage of it, the image shape is unacceptable, IMO.
Got this pj and love it so far. I've been trying to tweak some settings and find out what will work best for me but for some reason in the 3D menu options, the "3D viewing monitor" tab is unable to be selected. Anyone know why this is? Do i maybe have something else active in the settings which disable this option? Also with my current setup i have to take full advantage of the keystone, I was reading that this could take away from picture quality, why/how? Any help will...
Thanks airscapes, helped me see this for what it really is... The back rows problem:D Mind made up, 106 it is!
This is my first projector/screen (I'm a noob) My dilemma is as follows- My room has a 7' ceiling, my back row of seats in on a 8" riser, I have just purchased a Panny 8000 with a 106" motorized screen. Due to the height of the back row and the low level ceiling i will not be able to fully drop the screen to reveal the black border at the top of the screen and getting the screen to display a true 16:9 ratio (It will almost seem like you have to look downward at the bottom...
Thanks for clearing that up mdavej!
Thanks for the info, when you talk sequences, do you mean certain functions in certain sequences? ie: I press "watch tv", the remote sends codes to my devices in certain "sequences" to accomplish "watch tv" by engaging my devices in the order/sequence I specified?
Thanks Gary,Ok, so the 900 would be better, why? Maybe because, I can leave the rf receiver in the room with my gear, right?My monster needs to be seen by the remote, stays in main room with wire going to power center.If I get 900 and leave the monster set up as it is, would the system react faster/better, or would it receive the codes twice from 2 different sources and mess everything up?Thanks again.
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