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Question, I have a harmony one, I have a monster power 2550ir (comes with ir transmitter and 6 "mini blasters"). All of my gear is in a separate room and the one does pretty good with the transmitter. I just picked up a light switch for my room that has an ir remote for dimming, works good, providing the remote is pointed at the switch (behind me). I want to eliminate the need to point a remote directly at the switch. My question is.. Is there any difference between my...
I hate to quote the same message twice but..... I found a pair of A9's for $1050 at a small retailer in a near by city:D I called, they had them, I made the 1.5 hour drive, now I have them!!!! I am returning the A7's tonight and will be hooking up the A9's! Problem solved. Every where I was looking (online or not) they were approx. $900 each Canadian. I couldn't believe my ears when he told me the price:eek: And the rest, as they say, is history! Haha
Thats amazing!!!! I wish I would have found this thread 2 weeks ago!!
Thanks RobLee, Still in the middle of room setup, might have to post some pics of the finished product I think i would have to agree with you about never having to much speaker. I think i'm so hesitant because I had hoped to find a pair of A9's for a decent price to put up front and than I wouldn't think twice about putting the 7's on the side... That being said, what did you pay for your 9's? If you don't mind me asking
Currently I have RTi-A7's for fronts, CSi-A6 for center, FXi-A4's for surounds. I picked up another pair of A7's on sale last week with the intension of placing them for surrounds and moving the FXi-A4's to the back of the room and going 7 channel. I have not taken them out of the packaging yet as I am unsure if I will be keeping them. My questions are: Does anyone have A7's for surrounds? I am starting to wonder if they are too much speaker for surround channels? After...
I currently have a Panasonic TC-P65GT30 Plasma (from 2011 line-up), does anyone know if the 3D glasses from this will work with the 8K? If I've been reading correctly I don't think they will. I've been on the verge of buying a Pj for about 4-5 years.... I think my time has come.
I am considering purchasing the 890 and am curious about the bi-amp option. My front speakers are capable of being bi-amped and I was wondering what the advantages and disadvantages would be to bi-amping. I am not concerned about loosing my surround back channels. I am also wondering if this recievers wattage (105W) per channel is max power or continuos? TIA
I have just purchased a 51 and will not be seting it up right away (just moved), and was just wondering when I do hook it up and check FW version, When I update FW does the newest FW contain all the info from previous FW's or will I have to udate version by version untill I reach the newest? TIA
I did about a year and a half ago, warranty is up now and here I am, on the edge of my seat everytime I try a new BD in my 5K
Yeah only a chick doesnt come with warranty
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