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In Europe where I live, the 2-channel DCi (2x600) is almost three times as expensive as the XLS2500. So unfortunately not as cheap as the XLS.
They do indeed have speaker connections (Just not the gold plated audiophile voodoo connections). You are right about XLR though. They use another balanced connection-type.
I can only speak for the CTs series and they sound great. Have not heard the DCi series yet but I am still curious.It looks like you can get them at Performance Audio.
I use JBL ScreenArray speakers for LCR and use JBL Studio L810 consumer speakers as surrounds. (I needed a maximum speaker depth of 5" for surrounds and there were not many to choose between). I do sometimes feel that the surrounds lack the dynamics in movie scenes with many discrete effects, but this is only when I play at reference level. IMO you do need some DSP/EQ to timbre match the LCR and surrounds though.
Unfortunately yes... It's 21x11 so I would still define it as small. I probably could have settled for less amps, but now I have the ability to use my system in any room size in the future
The rack for my little home theater. I have an Onkyo PR-SC5508 on top of the rack too, but not included in the first picture. Would love to get rid of the Behringer amps (driving all my surround channels) and get Crown amps for them to complete the collection.
From what I'm told, JBL looks at the 3722 as "low end". Arent the 15's used in cheap DJ stuff as well? I think the 4722 is worth the extra money - its still pretty cheap if you consider consumer alternatives.Regarding the single vs. double woofers, I see only advantages about going with a single woofer. Placement for example. The bottom woofer in the dual woofer config will very often be placed close to the floor which will result in SBIR-issues (which is not fixable...
No difference. HPL denotes that the driver is sold as part of a system and not as a single driver.
The difference between the 3677 and the 4722 is (IMO) not just about midbass and SPL. The 4722 uses a much newer waveguide design and uses a 3" compression driver compared to the smaller compression driver in the 3677. From my experience, the size of the compression driver has impact on the sound in other ways than just SPL. A larger driver just sounds "fuller" and more smooth/effortless. Just my two cents But no matter which speaker you choose in the JBL Cinema line...
How would you describe the differences between the M2 and Everest? (Sounds like you have heard them both).
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