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Can someone pls PM me the website to buy Vol 1 and Vol 2 disk...I tried looking in the first post but could not find the link..thanks a bunch!
If you liked: Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage...this is a must watch: The Devil's Backbone..enjoy!!
+1...same here....I would love to donate money to get my hands on the final product
The Chaser (awesome!!!) +1 for Just Another Love Story
My recos: Memento Entre Nos Gomorrah The Salton Sea The Black Dahlia Sunshine Cleaning Miller's Crossing
Hi all, This morning I encountered the same problem as anyadike and biosmonkey - player would turn on and after a while shows "Load" and then the TV screen is blank...I have never ever updated the firmware - so I decided anyadike's suggestion and tried component outputs. Surprisingly the player turned on and the TV screen did not go blank like it did with the HDMI. I used the USB method and updated the firmware. Disconnected the component outputs and went back to HDMI -...
Hi, I am looking to set up a 5.1 surround system in my living room - budget is $1000 for 5.1 surround speakers + subwoofer + receiver. 70% of viewing is movies - the rest is sports and music. Please suggest - the sub I am considering is the BIC F12 thanks
Hi all, I am contemplating adding a second sub..currently have a 7.1 setup with Def Tech Speakers and a SVS PC 12 NSD - the SVS is in the front right and I was planning on adding another subwoofer to the back left of the room. I don't want to shell out too much money - any suggestions, advice?? Also was looking into getting the Aperion Home Audio Link ($149) to make the subwoofer wireless - what do y'all think?? Max
Actually I had guests over watching the Dark Knight...no wild party (I wish!)...I was showing off my theater ...did not even crank up the volume..and this occurred in the middle of the movie... I felt embarrassed...anyways...updates...I emailed SVS and ordered a 12" NSD driver...when I return the defective one, SVS will refund me what I paid for the 12" NSD driver...I am responsible for the shipping charges... I paid $105 for my HT installer to come out and diagnose this...
I just paid my HT installer to come out and look at it...he opened the back up and the loud noise is definitely coming from the cone...he said there is some kind of webbing material which has come loose and is making that loud rattling sound...when he held it down the noise stopped...have written an email to SVS.... My question is if I have to ship it out...the shipping costs are going to be high...as long as SVS covers it. Do you think SVS will send me a new s/woofer or...
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