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I use this service http://whatson.glidetv.com/#/movies/netflix/page/1 which includes Netflix Movies and TV and will give you some idea about what movies and TV shows are available only on Netflix as you can filter to just that service; which I've already done in that link. As noted there are others too like Clicker who also list up what is on sites like Netflix. InstantWatcher as well.
Since most of the devices that you list up do not support the free content available online, as those require a browser and a PC, you will be limited to something like Amazon, iTunes, or Netflix and Hulu Plus (if you don't mind the monthly's). One way that I typically use What's On, since I'm a Netflix user is to just filter it down to only Netflix content so I can see which shows are available. Using the filter I can get results like those shown here for...
I have been trying out GlideTV's solution; which seems to work well http://whatson.glidetv.com They seem to have most premium services and sites covered. Their search works well too.
Unfortunately, haven't found anything in the $200 price range yet, but we will eventually get there. For now, I am using a Zotac nettop, but have also used a laptop via HDMI. Now days anything with HDMI, is super simple to connect up.
Java Jack, Thanks for the quick reply. I have been able to download the necessary drivers for the NIC, ATI graphics, and after downloading some stuff from Windows Update I seem to be showing that I have drivers for most things now. However, under the Device Manager, I still seem to be missing some drivers for "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" which is showing up under Other Devices in the Device Manager. Would you have any idea what this is referring to? Does...
Question on the MSI Diva board. Just recently received my 7.1 pre-amp version and have been trying to get it up and running. Planning to use it in a very quiet HTPC build for the living room. As I wont be using Microsoft Media Center and prefer to avoid Vista, would like to stick with XP if possible. Seems though that the driver disc that came with it only seems to have Vista drivers on it for everything. Do XP drivers even exist for this board? I would hate to be...
Sounds like you are referring to what used to be called Building-B, but now are going by the name of Sezmi I would inlcude the URLs, but am new and have yet to reach my 3 posts before I can include them. They claim to have created a box that will replace all your services and deliver things either over the air or via the internet. Only time will tell if we ever see this device though as they plan to partner with someone who will be willing to distribute it. -Chris
One of the best places to find stuff in HD is using Vuze. Their site is at vuze.com You will find lots of music videos there, many in decent HD quality.
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