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thanks for your input that's what I had in mind. Its just a shame I have to miss another weekend that I have off from work without the TV, I don't have many days off . Is having a solid color band a common issue? I have a June 2011 build date fyi. For the couple mins I had the Tv the rest of the screen looked amazing, I am very excited to finally join the Panny Plasma club
So after much research and waiting my roommate and I finally took the plunge on a 65 ST30 off Amazon. We did free shipping so the wait was terrible, but the tv finally arrived today! Unfortunately I get a call from the roomie saying there is a RED band about 3 inches wide going down the side of the TV screen. We called Panasonic and a rep will be here on Monday to look at it. My question for you guys is this, is it safe to run the Slides and break it in in its current...
does anybody know where i can find a set of s38's or s26s, i have a s center and s310 fronts and ive been looking all over craigslist and ebay and nothing...
i have been curious to how good this sub has been for a long time and after reading this thread im very intrigued. But it seems this live.com cashback is over ? does it happen every few weeks or so.... if the price is up permanently is this sub still worth it in your opinion?
anybody know where i could get a JBL s center...i just got a pair of s 310s of craigslist and i love them but must have a matching center...there isnt much on ebay and i do want all orange woofers hope to have a ful jbl setup
got my player yesterday watched immortal beloved from netflix and jumper from blockbuster...no audio dropouts just damn good audio bit streaming to an onkyo 606 so far so good
um im gonna have to say don king stable isnt great and BOB ARUM hands down is the biggest and best boxing promoter followed by Oscar and his golden boy promotions if you notice these days the crappy fights you don't really care about are the ones promoted by king but regardless i hope the game is good cause we need a good boxing game
the manual for my fronts say 45 - 24khz and for my center its 55 - 22khz
should the other speakers be set around that? or should my center/fronts be full band?
i have been fiddling with my receiver ever since i got it and i want to know what cut off frequencies i should have i am running polk csr center polk r300 fronts polk r150 rears w/onkyo sr 606 and a logitech computer sub (filler for now) they are set now to center 80hz fronts 80hz rears 100hz sub 120hz with the double bass feature set to off... please help me out
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