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Why is it that Charter is adding all kinds of new HD channels to places like Hickory and Boone, and yet they won't even bother to put HD here in Avery County? Obviously, not all customers are valued the same. Johnny
Yes, there for a while I was rescanning a couple times per week. When nothing ever changed, I quit doing it like that. Now, I've not rescanned in about a week to 10 days. I'd surely appreciate anything you can find out. Thanks, Johnny
Even though we have NO HD channels in the Avery County area, we were at least able to receive WBTV channel 3.1 on channel 80.2 on our QAM tuner. But, a month or more ago that channel disappeared along with channel 3.2 from WBTV. Can you tell me why they were removed and if they will be putting those channels back on? Thanks, Johnny
Hey Umatter2Charter, It's been over a year since I last asked this and I'm still wondering if the Newland, NC (Avery County) area is going to get HD any time soon? Thanks! Johnny
Oh well. Thanks for checking on this for me anyway. It's basically the same old answer - "We're HOPING to get to it this year." I think this is about the third year in a row they've been "hoping" to get to it. I guess that's what I get for living at the edge of the world. Johnny
OK. Sounds good. Thanks! Johnny
Thanks George. Any word yet? Johnny
Hello Umatter2Charter, Can you tell me what kind of progress Charter is making for getting Hi Def here in Avery County (Newland in particular)? All of the other places that Charter services in this area are receiving several HD channels. We get ONE HD channel that we pick up via QAM tuner. I'd really like to see something finally get going in this area. Is there any hope for me in this lifetime? Thanks, Johnny
OK. Thanks for the answers guys. Anyone know what happened to take them out of the clear? As pathetic as it sounds, that cuts my hi def viewing in half. We were receiving two HD channels (both on QAM) and now that FSN is gone, it leaves us with only WBTV-HD. What a shame. Johnny
Has anyone noticed whether Fox Sports Net is still available on QAM by Charter? I'm in Avery County and I know things can be as different as day and night up here, but we *had been* seeing Fox Sports Net (or Fox Sports Carolinas) on our QAM tuner. I'm not exactly sure when it changed. I know we used to see a color bar test pattern at the times when FSN was not on the air. Now, we don't even see that. I saw where the Duke-Boston College basketball game was supposed to...
New Posts  All Forums: