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The US one is 16x9 while the Fox version is cropped to 1.85:1. You can see added information on the top and bottom of the US version.
In addition to confirming that the UK version is region free, the HCC review states that the UK version includes an isolated score track (in lossy DD 5.1 though). The DVDBeaver/Blu-ray.com reviews of the US version do not mention it, so that version must not have it. http://www.homecinemachoice.com/news/article/blu-ray-review-chariots-of-fire-30th-anniversary-edition/10781 Thanks for the heads-up, ferdinand
As far as I'm concerned, it's still a trilogy.
Muuuuch better, phew. Nice soft, 80s look. Nice grain, no appearance of any tweaking. The shot with Abrahams and Mussabini, outstanding.
Ouch, not good. Totally degrained and digital looking. In the third pic, guys' hair in the foreground lack all detail.
You can even make out the registry of the Tsiolkovsky, awesome! http://tng.trekcore.com/bluray/image...iew/10647a.jpg Often, the effects team didn't bother modifying the registry because it would not be apparent onscreen. With every episode being upgraded to HD, I wonder how many examples of that there will be. Lots if they do DS9 too. With picture quality this good, I can forgive the poor writing of the first season.
Sadly, it's not the same people, and I can't see that being done. TNG (as well as TOS) was done by CBS, and the Trek movies are Paramount. And we've seen the difference in quality from both, so I doubt Paramount is going to change.At best, we might be able to get the director's cuts of ST:TMP and ST6, which should require new masters. Dunno if the 1080i cable version of ST6 which was used for the BD was the extended cut, which was later shortened and cropped.I can't see...
The lost footage from Sins of the Father has been found, hooray! http://tng.trekcore.com/bluray/#sotffound Now hopefully when the episode is presented properly in the season 3 set, it won't be cropped. (or other episodes, for that matter)
Interesting, I installed the firmware update without even knowing it could play ISOs. If I had known earlier, I may have wanted that. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware using an older version, or does it prohibit that?
Thanks for the quick reply. Changing inputs is a hassle, but I'll the color space setting a try.
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