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So, should I remove the amp and start over with a different coax component as well as adding the network switch?
Thanks for the quick replies. The manufacturer is Pass & Seymour legrand. Can anyone tell me what the extra coax wires near the bottom might be? I've checked all the wall plates and each is accounted for on the 8 port coax splitter? Any ideas about that 3 port splitter?
I've researched quite a bit and have found this forum very helpful. However, I just can't wrap my brain around my situation. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. I apologize in advance for any misuse of the proper terminology. I've included a picture of my current structured wiring setup. In each of the rooms of my house are a telephone line (over cat 5e), a coax line and disconnected cat5e line. My goal is to connect the extra cat5e lines for a wired network...
WCTI and WFXI/WYDO do not transmit digital (Dolby Digital) audio either by cable or OTA. Is that likely to change anytime? Sometimes it's not a big deal to me, but it really makes a difference in the viewing experience like the Super Bowl. That is at least when the network audio is functioning properly. Thankfully I can receive WRAZ and WTVD signals OTA. Thanks for anyone's thoughts.
I have been a reader of this forum for some time now and have learned a lot from you all. Thanks to everyone. I do have a question. I'm in the Greenville area and have Suddenlink digital cable. I have audio going through a JVC receiver (as well as just the TV). Up until recently when viewing FOX programming the audio was just Pro Logic. However, recently I have been getting spurts of Dolby Digital. My question is this: is this a network thing, cable company thing...
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