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^ This is really a dead Thread but I whole heartily agree with you on purchasing three Stealth 88's for the front and moving my pair of Stealth 6's for surround duty.
^ Excellent! It's about boundary effect.
If you were a die-hard like me, you'd stop looking for excuses and find a way.
I bet he does...I mean I do! Very nice! I find the Min 21 to sound best in the 140-150 Hz crossover range. Why do you feel you can't add two extra speakers? If you can't place them toward the ceiling on the top part of each wall, you can use the ceiling. btw, you look cozy on your couch.
If there was a Minx speaker that contained 4" drivers, they would not be good enough and you would not be able to afford them.
I figured, since it's taking you so long to decide (what is it...over two years now?), you should have saved enough money for the MAA.
Between those three? I'd go for the Monitor Audio Apex. http://www.monitoraudiousa.com/products/apex/a10/
^ Wow! Is there not a compromise in any system that's meant to fit in a small to medium size space?
AVR-> Sub out-> Sub input (LFE or left channel)= sounds right Make sure the sub is plugged in, turned on and the volume control is, at least, a third of the way up. If you haven't run YPAO, make sure the sub is on in the bass mgmt menu. If speakers are set to "Small", the sub should play on two-channel sources. If still no sound, try a different cable.
This is one thing I don't like about both my Mirage Subwoofers and that's why I leave them on all the time.
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