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Wow dl, everything is looking great! The front wall is awesome. You will have a fully operational battle station in no time. Good luck with the emovita.
Looks good to me! Great job! Love the stone wall beyond words. What was the first movie in the "new" room? How are you liking irule?
Indeed. Nice job, cuzed. Looks like a roomy and fun space to entertain. What is the seating distance? Guessing the nearfield sub placement is grin worthy? BTW, I'm loving the treadmill in the upright position with a water bottle
+1 Holy cow Deewan! I leave town for a week and this is what you've been up to? Everything looks great! Firing up the LEDs really adds a nice touch to the environment. Silly question...how are you liking it so far?
Looks good to me! Very nice. That pic reinforces the wisdom of waiting until you are nearly finished to hang the pj. I'm so glad I waited because I'm still firmly in the newlywed stage of using the pj nearly every chance I get. The last few things on my to do list just don't seem that important...for now.
dl, looking good. The curved risers are going to be sharp.
Well done! The room looks fantastic. Seems either trim would have looked good but the white looks like a good call. What are you doing for subs?
Cobalt here. Good luck.
thrillcat, nice job on your remodel. I really like the look of the natural wood and the drywall frame out. Well done. Enjoy!
I read your thread to see how your 11.1 install went. Nice job! It is not easy to keep very clean lines and run 11.1 surround but I think you've succeeded. Looks and sounds good - you can't beat that.
New Posts  All Forums: