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FYI they have lowered the bundle price on Amazon to $319.99 with free shipping still included (http://www.amazon.com/Channel-Master-DVR-Bundle-subscription/dp/B00JGZQ17Q).
It is also being bundled on eBay (at inflated prices ):Channel Master DVR + w/ 1 TB hard driveChannel Master DVR + w/ all accessories
That eBay seller has not sold one of those $499.90 DVR+ packages. They started with 6 packages about 3 weeks ago and have not sold one. They have also had 5 "Make Offer" offers and all were declined.Surprisingly they did sell one of the six $399.90 DVR+ packages that they had listed for sale. I guess some people just don't do their homework before making a purchase!
One thing to be aware of in that situation is that the Channel Master 1-year parts and labor warranty would not be transferred to you. From the DVR+ Limited Warranty: "5.1 This Limited Warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the Equipment..."
You may want to consider a refurbished Channel Master CM-7000PAL DVR for $269.00 from Antenna Logic. From the item description:"These units are seller refurbished. These units were brand new, returned units, that had factory, out of the box defect of continuous boot screen or boot loop, that was result of a corrupt firmware file. These units have had the original F400 firmware file restored. Hard drive of course is unused, only for testing unit for proper operation of all...
Yeah potentially paying for shipping 3 times would be a negative aspect to my previous suggestion (shipping both ways for the original defective DVR+ and shipping to you for the newly-ordered DVR+). It will be cheaper for you doing it your way but it will take longer to receive your replacement unit.For those who purchased their DVR+ with a MasterCard (not sure about other credit cards) you may have a free benefit called "Satisfaction Guarantee." You will have to check...
That does sound rather customer non-friendly considering your DVR+ died in 6 days. Perhaps a better strategy would have been to return the defective one for a cash/credit refund from Channel Master seeing that you were within their 30-day return/refund window. If you wanted another DVR+ you could have then placed a totally new order at the same time and had your new unit on its way to you. Assuming you paid for your initial order with a credit card, you could always...
While searching for sellers of the DVR+ (other than from Channel Master directly) I found that there is an eBay seller, compuvision661, selling brand-new Channel Master DVR+ packages as follows: DVR+, 1 TB hard drive and HDMI cable for $399.90 plus $13.90 shipping. There are currently 6 of these packages available. DVR+, 1 TB hard drive, Channel Master indoor amplified panel antenna, USB WiFi adapter and HDMI cable for $499.90 with free shipping included. This package...
FYI for those shipping via USPS Priority Mail, you only have $50 of insurance included if your package is lost, damaged, stolen, etc. You have to purchase additional insurance if you want to be fully covered above $50.
At a minimum I would delete all of your timers and then re-enter all of them. I had a situation a few years back where my timers were OK for the first week following DST but then I started having all kinds of issues/problems during the second week after the DST change. I don't take any chances now and always do a factory reset twice a year right after each DST change.
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