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jayray - rebooted three times - as noted, also uninstalled and re -in - - - to no avail. thx walt
walt here, with a arc V3 issue.(D2 !.33) down loaded two weeks ago - performed two measurements, all well. today, to do a third measurement, and the wheels fell off. cannot go beyond three complete sweeps(l:C:R) error 0X03 "cannot complete" measurement. i 'v e uninstalled, reinstalled, moved the mike to new positions, same o same o. there were time when it would not even start. rebooting would fix that, but then , again, only three(sometimes two ) sweeps, and the 0X03...
walt here, with two questions: 1) in setting up the surrounds, there are two options;a)dipole, and b) direct radiating. what are the differences in the processing(will i detect a difference?) 2) i added an old oppo unit (DVI to HDMI) to our box of goodies.(there is an old sony 5 disk changer, the newly added oppo (set up as hdmi 4) and the panny blu ray as hdmi hdmi one. issue: when i opt for the panny, my system auto selects hdmi 4 ( the oppo), as opposed to hdmi 1...
whoops!! there goes the clean sweep for paradigm.
john, again, my thanks.looks like a clean sweep for paradigm.walt
john: thz for the response. yes, the pbk is for sub equalization, and it competes with the audyssey unit. what i am looking for is(are) people that might have experience with both and can make a comparison. walt
walt here. d2 and arc user. are there any on line who have insights regarding the paradigm PBK-1 for sub equalization, vs: the audyssey product for the same purpose? PBK works directly with arc, but the adu - - is an outboard unit, as i understand it, and is claimed to do a "better" job. Eh? thx walt
toole in his writings seems to suggest that is listeners are trained to do so. (visit the harman site and read dr olives musings on the subject) given that each of us has a different set of ears, listening in a different room, to different non-reverbated sounds, that there is no good single answer. returning to the harman site, search out the pics of their listening room. looks very little like our own h/t i'll wager.(compare harman to mr winers demo room - there is a...
radiation = off axis performance??
i moved it to 80 to agree with the surrounds. looks much better. thank you walt
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