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My 5-yr old entry-level Onkyo 606 has 4 1.3 HDMI inputs. Higher models from that same year had more. It decodes all the lossless surround codecs, does upscaling from analog sources to HDMI, and has basic-but-usable room correction (more a function of being entry-level than being from 5 years ago). I want to upgrade it but, it is by no means obsolete.
"10-15% of the AVR/PROC" sounds reasonable, until you realize that the AVR/PROC you're referencing costs $4,500 (or used to cost that much).Reading this thread, it's obvious that modular is popular. All I'm doing is echoing the voices saying that modular, good quality and accessible pricing don't all go together... and the NAD you referenced supports that logic.
Those modules are expensive. Two of them could get you a fairly nice new AVR. The arguments about the economics of modular AVRs still stand, even if NAD is making it work.
I hear you: thanks for the responses. I only worry about buying one right now, only to see a new model released in four months. ...although, honestly, I don't see what now-available features would warrant a new model.
If we can't have full 7.1 pre-outs trickle down to lower-end receivers, how about 3.1 pre-outs for LCR? Part of the reason I like an AVR as a pre-pro is that the internal amps are perfect for a set of easy-to-drive surrounds. Let me add better amplification for my front sound stage.At least 2.1 preouts...This, too. Smaller dimensions where possible. These don't have to be such honking beasts - especially those with Class D amps.
A good universal remote (URC MX-350) makes the work-around bearable. My HDMI board has been going down for a while. I had a scare a few weeks ago when the OSD didn't show up. I just bought a $25 HDMI switch so now all video (Apple TV, PS3, Blu-ray, Cable Box) is going directly to the TV. The Blu-ray player has a dual-HDMI out, which allows me to have the lossless movie codecs. I know it has limited time left. I'm anxiously awaiting the 2013 receiver releases from...
I searched the thread a bit so sorry if this has been asked, but... I'm very interested in the MRX 300 but I'm worried about the fact that it was released two years ago. Is there any news about a 2013 update?
As you've found out, the 606 doesn't do 1080p reliably (I have both). My solution, unfortunately, was to connect the PS3 directly to the TV and run an optical cable to the 606 for audio. I have a separate blu-ray player, so I don't need the lossless audio formats coming through my PS3. My blu-ray player is also connected straight to the TV for video. I will replace the 606 as soon as I can.
I really appreciate you guys!
Thanks, TheLaw - I see it now. Brian - you may want to replace the FV12 with the LV12 on the products -> complete subwoofers page when you get the chance. I think I'm sticking with the D15, which digs deeper (despite having less output @ 20hz).
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