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MultEQ is certainly a meaningful upgrade... I'll second what cyphrex said. The other great upgrade with the 706/707 are preouts so you can add an external amp. Trust me, I know what you're thinking... "I don't need/want external amps." I didn't either when I bought my 606 and now I wish I had the flexibility. Keep reading/learning on this forum and you'll see. I'd upgrade to the 706/707 right now if I could.
What a gracious response, Mr. Seaton. Much respect to you.
What a useful thread. You guys are great. goneten, I think this word "output" is causing a bunch of confusion. You've been using it to mean "the energy/sound level perceived at the listening position". Craig and silvadselim have been using it to refer to "how much energy/SPL is being generated at the sub itself"... as in, right at the sub, which would likely mean that for identical subs, the amps are pushing identically. Craig makes a great point that if you level...
Good work, Penn and Legairre! I can't wait to see the results.
With all the different room correction software types, various levels of each type, various individual manufacturer implementations of each type, we won't commit to the fact that AVRs with various flavors of room correction enabled will sound different from each other without a DBT?This thread was begun because someone was interested in finding out if AVR's sounded different from each other (not amps, as someone else argued). Many of us will use room correction and, if...
This is the same point I was trying to get at throughout page 12 of this thread.
I know for a fact that NAD uses unique "target curves" with its implementation of Audyssey, so it will sound different from an Onkyo or Denon Audyssey calibration. I don't know if every manufacturer uses a unique curve.
Thanks to Bobcats, Michael and, again, CI. Your points are well put, and it's safe to say that the AVR EQ is subordinate to several more fundamental concerns (speakers, positioning, treatments etc, as stated above). I guess my point is that if I've optimized those other concerns the best that my budget/room/spouse etc will allow, then my AVR/processor will have a certain bag of shortcomings to attempt to overcome with its room correction software. With the varied...
Thanks a mil for your input, CI. You make solid points.
So... Audyssey 2EQ at the low end, Audyssey MultiEQ XT at the high end, YPAO, MCACC, and individual manufacturer's different implementations of them (both between different manufacturers and between different AVR's in any one manufacturer's line), all acheive the same aim to the point where they are of no real consequence. Is that correctly stated?
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