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Very nice!
At one point a while ago, there was talk of Rythmik making a downward-firing 12" that was similar to the D15SE. Does anyone know if that's still potentially on the way?
Thanks! It's all clear now.
The graphs confuse me a bit, too. For instance, I can't tell where zero is on the left-hand Y-axis (it may not be important). I also can't figure out what increments the horizontal lines represent, especially since 5.0 seems to be placed in the middle of -20 and 20, where zero would normally be. Then there's the units for the 5 - db/D. What's that mean? Could you help me out?
Thanks again fellas. I appreciate the feedback.I'm overseas and I have to contemplate both international shipping and a 25% import duty (yikes!). D15SE it is :-)
Big thanks for the responses, guys!I plan on crossing at 80 Hz. Would you then recommend front firing? Thanks for your thoughts on the F15.I know the posted relative output stats are at 20hz but, the F15HP has 2db greater output than the F15. Is that noticeable? I'm wondering what the upgrade would really get me in real-world performance.@ holt and realjetavenger: Thanks for your E15 impressions, guys! The E15 (at 20hz) has only 1.5 db of extra output over the F15...
Just finished reading thought a LOT of pages. Phew! :-) My next upgrade will be to a Rythmik sub. I'm deciding between the various 15" options. I love the D15SE (little kids at home) but I read somewhere that Brian considers the front-firing ones more musical. My room is ~1800 cubic feet with a half-wall opening to other areas. I'm leaning towards the F15. Do I need to go HP? Also, there is little to no mention of the E15 in the thread. Do any of you guys have one...
Thanks, JBW. My video workaround basically means running 1080p/3D sources directly to my TV and audio separately to the receiver. My universal remote makes it fine one it's all set up. I'm inclined to agree with you on speakers making the bigger difference. I'm in need of that bass improvement but I'm itching for XT32! Also, I know Jamo's subs are known, but this particular one is a little old school... Any other thoughts out there?
I need to upgrade my receiver and my sub, but I can only do one this year. My system is: LCR: PSB Image T5 and C40 Surround: PSB Alpha LR1 Sub: 10" Jamo 6510 (there's a reason why you haven't heard of it ) Receiver: Onkyo 606 SubEQ: Antimode 8033 My room is, say, 18x14 and my listening habits are 80:20 music:movies/tv. I'm looking to get a Rythmik F15/D15 and an Onkyo 818 (or similar), but one at a time with a long gap in between (like a year). My sub is ok with the...
I like the improvisation...
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