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^ ^ ^ Plus, if you load the PDF into an iPad (or other tablet, I imagine), it's handy, searchable and portable.
It's a little annoying when the Double-Blind ABX Stormtroopers swoop in on every receiver/amp thread to tell everyone they aren't hearing what they think they're hearing. I'm not even saying you're wrong but, how about assuming that 99.8% of the time, us hobbyists aren't doing ABX testing in our homes, but simply trying out our gear, doing the best we can (like fast switch-outs), comparing the best we can from memory, and providing opinions? Then, when you read "A is...
^ ^ ^ What are those speakers?
Trying not to derail the thread but, I think you overstate your case about Onkyo reliability.I will say that I expect a Denon to be more reliable than an Onkyo, depite being an Onkyo lover myself...
I really appreciate those writing in to say that their 818 is working trouble-free. This is my ideal receiver but the issues reported are scaring me towards a Denon. The more happy reports, the merrier. Keep 'em coming!
I haven't seen this before. I'm very much looking forward to your feedback.
Also, neither digital coax nor toslink can carry high def multichannel audio to your AVR - so that's bye-bye to Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD-MA and multichannel PCM with that kind of setup.Runing your Blu-ray HDMI through your receiver is your best option.
All true, Kilian.My question only referenced one small issue that I was first made aware of during this debate.
Thanks, JD. So, I take it that DTS HD-MA and Dolby TrueHD are 96khz? What sources are 192khz? And, regarding 192khz sources, an AVR with MultEQ XT would simply apply no room correction. Would bitstreaming such a source or sending LPCM (i.e. decoding in the player) get around this limitation?
There was an issue years ago when people more hotly debated the merits of bitstream vs LPCM for sending lossless audio to the AVR. The issue was that some AVR's could apply room correction (like Audyssey) to bitstreams but not to LPCM. It seemed like some did the reverse. We're several years on now so I'm wondering... can most (if not, all) new AVR's apply room correction to both High def bitstreams and LPCM, or are there still limitations to watch out for? TIA
New Posts  All Forums: