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I may be confusing terms but, does this mean that if I have an Onkyo receiver, it won't display volume and other information on top of the video? I'll have to look at the receiver's display in order to see volume/input information?If so, are Denons like this?
Whoa - not a good result.Well done on finding this on the 818. I'm surprised we aren't more clear on this for other manufacturers.However, doesn't some processing always need to be happening in order to overlay GUI elements (like volume) on an HDMI source?
Verrrrrry interesting.
When you use the SKIP command to remedy the 24p problem, does that turn off video processing for just that source or for all sources?
I hear what you're saying but, unfortunately, AVR manufacturers put multichannel pre-outs so high in their line-ups that, chances are, an AVR capable even of connecting to this amp will already have robust amplification built in.Like others, I'm having difficulty seeing the market for this.OTOH, I would LOVE for Emotiva to release a 200-300 watt two- or three-channel amp that wasn't 19" deep! 15" depth and I'm sold! :-)
Very interesting.Do the higher tier AVR's from other brands do this?I'm most interested to see if Denon does...
How do I subscribe to this with my podcast catcher? (shout out to Downcast on iOS)
What he said.
Cool. Sorry to hear about your Onkyos. Onkyo has scared me into Denon/Marantz's arms too, unfortunately. :-)
Just wondering - why are you replacing your Onkyos?Especially the 7-series ones that compare to Denon's 33XX series...
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