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I have not opened a ticket yet. I did run a "capture information" thing from the control panel when this error was happening. I will probably open a ticket tonight. I also updated to the latest beta firmwares and that didn't help.
This is basically what is happening. After talking to the online chat for over and hour and trying to convince them that I didn't need a new cable card, they are sending a truck on Monday.
So I just got a infiniTV 4 PCI set up today and so far I am disappointed. I already had a cable card as I was coming from a HDHomeRunPrime. I am getting this issue where on some channels, it just drops signal and says the signal is low which obviously isn't the case since these channels work fine with both the cable box and HDHomeRun Prime. After doing some research, I am guessing that this is because I have fios, and don't have a low pass filter. I am on chat trying...
Completely forgot that I posted here... Anyway, when you guys were talking about the HDMI detective I got worried that it was 100s of dollars. Only 85 on Amazon? Thats a bargain... I will get this and see how it works. Thanks for the suggestions.
Need help with my HTPC. I have a HTPC w/ a Radeon 6570 connected via HDMI to my Yamaha receiver. This machine is kept on 24/7 because I use it for other things. My harmony remote just turns off the TV and the receiver. However, I have been having an issue where sometimes when everything gets turned on, sound doesn't work. My receiver shows that its not getting sound from the computer. The only fix I have found is to relogin or restart the machine. Even when I...
Even if they had the horsepower to do it, I don't think there is a media player available on any tablet platform that will parse the Bluray ISO file. Your best bet if you want a tablet is to re-encode to mp4/AAC at a resolution/bitrate that the tablet can handle and can handle natively. Should get decent battery life in this situation too (as long as you don't try and use a player that does software decoding). or get a netbook.
Quote: Originally Posted by hirent Well, HP still owns the OS. I'm sure they will try to find a buyer in an effort to raise some $$, even at a loss. Or maybe 'Open Source' it; that would probably increase interest in it. Regarding outdated products; if you like the TouchPad you should go for it and get an Extended Warranty with Accidental Damage coverage. What this does is; when the product needs to be repaired (down the line) it most likely will be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Calcvictim I am pretty sure that there will be support until all the current customer's warranties expire, they are not simply told to go f themselves. OP, stop being dramatic. In the grand scheme of things nothing really changes. He said: " What happens to a tablet or phone when there is no longer any support for apps? " He didn't mention support for the touchpad, but the apps.
blanket Crossovers?I don't need anything that fancy. I don't even use a subwoofer (live in a second floor apartment, landlords live below).I am not even sure I would use any network features that some models have since I have a media center connected to it. I just want something that isn't going to buzz, sounds good (even without a sub), and is max 350.As much as I love gadgets and love the idea of these features, to be honest, I don't think I would use them. Having a...
Quote: Originally Posted by afrogt You can get the Denon 1611 for $269 with the promo code TENOFF. http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/it..._c=site_search What source would you be upconverting? I hooked up a Wii to the system once. I really don't need upconverting.
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