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I bought my 12D after speaking with someone at Aperion live on the phone without any pics. He was right on the money with the description- a couple light scratches on the bottom. A year and a half later and it's still going strong. I think they will be very honest with the type of blemish/damage it has. That was the only "b stock" purchase I made from them. All the others have been new... an Intimus system and then back a year later for the Verus. Customer service is...
filetandrelease, I would recommend going either all Intimus or all Verus. That way they will be voice/timbre matched. I suppose some might say it's not as important for the surrounds, but I would personally want all of them to match. Have fun! Blue
I was pleasantly surprised. At first, I was really disappointed they didn't stick with a vertical array design as in the 5DB. However, they sound really nice. (How's that for an audiophile description? ) I don't listen to a lot of multi-channel music, so for my use they work well. With that being said, I would love to see them come out with a vertical array design. Blue
Yes, I agree with Roger That. I just recently took advantage of the One Year Trade Up of 6T for the VGT. I prefer the sound of the VGT. Just sounds richer to me. My wife said the 6T sounded "tinny" next to the VGT. With that being said, the 6T is still a great sounding speaker. My only complaint is the rear ports on the VGT. I preferred the front ports of the 6T. Made placement a tad easier. Even with that complaint, I still kept the VGT and sent back the 6T. I also...
The other thing to mention, that write up wasn't a review it was a preview. If I am reading it right, they never listened to the Verus Surround. They just mentioned it was out and were going off written specs and pictures.If I can add my $.02... I think the Verus Surround sounds awesome and I don't think anyone should hesitate to put it in their Verus system for surround duty. I think the port helps tremendously (the 5DB is sealed) for that small woofer to get "down...
I just hung mine today, and thought the woofer looked a little small to match with the Grand. Although, I know they are timbre matched.I liked Tom Andry's Conclusion..."...there is no denying it is a welcome addition to the line. Meant (from the driver choice) to be paired with the Verus Forte line rather than the Verus Grand, we look forward to the Verus Surround's bigger brother. Right, Aperion?"http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/s...s-surround-preThanks,Blue
Sweet! I think you'll love it over the Klipsch. Have fun! Blue
Odie, A year ago I bought the Intimus 6T, 6C, 5DB, Bravus 12D to replace my Klipsch Synergy F1 5.1 system. I absolutely loved the Aperion speakers compared to the Klipsch. I found the horn tweeters to be very bright and fatiguing especially with music. The Aperions had a much more natural sound to them. I can remember a family member saying it hurt her ears when watching a movie with the Klipsch. Now that the Verus line is out, I've heard people state it makes the Intimus...
Took advantage of Aperion's one year Full Price Trade-Up Program and have Verus Grand Towers, Center and Verus Surrounds heading my way! Is it Tuesday, yet? I almost hate to send back the 6T, 6C, and 5DB, I've enjoyed them so much. As usual, Aperion's customer service is second to none. Thanks for all your help Jason! Blue
Nice call!
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