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i have the vita version pretty similiar to last year seems to be a lot closer in game play to the ps3 version this year at least to me.
shows they are out of stock that the only thing that gets expensive since have two ps vitas.
i noticed they dont talk as much wish suites me fine they get annoying after a while, only hear them during the introductions.
takes long time to load but once your in the store moves fast and easy to download stuff better for plus, and buying stuff.
been playing since 2007 version gets easier more your use to the way it plays. really like the road to show sim feature showing you whos batting and whats happening like watching live on your computer or in a real game simulation.
my setup is in my avatar play the xbox 360 slim star wars limited edition one.
i buy most my xbox games online wouldnt affect me since most games hardly even much trade in value.
hoping to pick up vita and ps3 version tomm. excited to be able to cross play my game when traveling for work and stuck in hotels, pick up where game left off.
not worth it me i use hulu service much more than netflix if anything would cut netflix out. Direct tv offers me so much more with the packages i get with hbo showtimes, lot of my shows are on there as well.
i have both on 3d the pop out is much better on afterlife on my vt 25, much better overall 3d to me at least.
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