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Yes, they're only rated to 20mm so you might need several of them like I did.
Like the Paradigm Sub 2? I thought about it but ended up with the two subs with different placement for better in room response.
Perhaps I can send one to Ricci later on to test and see how it performs.
That's exactly the kind of system I have. Three W15GTI's wired in series parallel for a 4ohm load to my Funky Waves 2,4000W RMS plate amp. That's 800W per driver in one dual opposed 4.8cf sealed box and one 2.4cf sealed box. I realize the box size is smaller than the recomended size for these drivers but I also have them fully stuffed. I've had them for a while now and they're are as good as advertised and I've used a lot of 15" drivers. Drivers such as CCS SDX, LMS Ultra...
I bought a Velodyne SMS-1 and Jamo C series speakers from them at great prices in the last few months. Will be missed for sure.
Perhaps another option when using so much power (4,000 + watts) and no HPF would be to use a smaller box to keep xmax within range. The LMS was made to work well in small boxes. I would use a 2.75 to 3cf box and only lose about 1db in the low bass.
Efalegalo, depending on your room gain, you might not have to boost too much down low. A 3-4cf box per sub and your amp power will be good for the GTI's. You can even cross them over to the TC Sound subs around 40-50hz. Let the TC subs do the low bass and the GTI's do the mid-bass, which is something the JBL's excel at. I have three of the GTI MKI 15" subs in small 2.4cf boxes w/800W per sub, fully stuffed. I've had them now for a few weeks and their performance for...
How did the JBL sub w/PR's did compared to the others?
If this new SDX15 driver is priced in the $300-$350 range and it meets all its stated specs, it should sell very well since there's not much available right now with regards to 15" DIY drivers. I had the original and this looks to be a jump in performance & quality. I wanted three of them but got tired of waiting and picked up three JBL GTI 15" drivers. I have two in a dual opposed box and the other one in a sealed box. I finally got some new speakers & receiver and...
Also check the JBL GTI MKII 15" driver. Ebay has them for under $300. It's an excellent driver even though it does not have a lot of displacement, 20mm of xmax, but your room is not that big. What this driver has is very low distortion and excellent SQ, along with good output. Around 800W to power it and a box of 3-4cf should do it.
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