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The Sharp Elites are ok, but not close to the Panny haven't had the Samsung so I can't say there. Had 2 60" Sharp Elites a few months after they came out. Within two months of owning them out they went and back came a used pioneer Kuro. Next TV was a Panny VT 60 which to my eyes still topped the Sharp. Just from personal view.
Payment sent. Thanks Mike
For sale is a pair of new Emotiva XPR-1's monoblocks. Had purchased 5 of them for an all monoblocks set up. Project is currently on hold. Note I opened to inspect and insure they properly turned on then they were repackaged. Amps where purchased in June so plenty of warranty remain. I will cover paypal fees shipping will be paid by buyer. ***for those that don't know Emotiva just recently increased the price on th XPR line of Amps. Shipping from Perris,Ca 92571
For sale is my pristine condition 60ST60, bought three months ago fom Best Buy. Reason for sale, will be upgrading to the 65" version. All accessories and packaging will be included. Local pick up from Perris, Ca. $1,150.00 pick up Perris,Ca Thanks
Purchased the XPR-5 with the intention of running a 7.X system, unf. the plan will not develop. I'm currently using 3 mono blocks to drive my 3 front speakers. Lets just put this way Living with the in-laws I'm limited on how many speakers I can have in the living room. Warranty will be transferred to new buyer ( 4.8 years remaining of the 5). Shipping to lower 48 states only. This is a monster of an amp. I will cover shipping. Thank you
FunnyFunny you mentioned this story, because I ran into a similar one a few months back at a best buy in chino, ca. While checking out the the Sharp Elites I made a comment to the sales rep that i would take my pioneer Kuro over the sharp elite anytime. To my surprise he said "you know we still have a new pro-111 in the back" . Course I didn't believe him given that they had stopped making them for a few years. He said a guy came in and bought the TV, but never picked it...
PM sent on the Speaker Wire. Thanks
Thanks so much Sam!
Can some one please let me know how I can check the panel hours on my 60st60. Been browsing through quite a bit of post and can't seem to find it. Im positive i had seen it posted here. I would really appreciate it.
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