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Best buy in corona, ca has a display 60gt50 for $1325 plus an additional 10%. You'll be looking shy of $1200 plus tax.
Was at best buy a few minutes ago and walked out with panasonic 60st60 open box for $1200 plus tax. They also have a 60gt50 for $1325plus 10 % off. You looking at $1193 plus tax. Was debating between these two. I have been playing the waiting game with Pauls TV for over a week now. I will cancel my order with them.
Some one is getting an awsome deal. Would have picked up this TV in a heartbeat had I been closer. GLWTS
So I bought the 60ST60 from Pauls TV last week Thrs. with next day delivery that afternoon I got a call back saying that they are on back order. Guess the waiting game begins. Not complaining too much as if seems many stores are also backed order. The advantage with Pauls TV is I pay no taxes, free delivery plus I'm getting a free 22" TV.
Wow. That's quite a mistake or excuse they have you. Two days in a row I went there and none of the sales people told me it was a mistake. They kept saying it was a deal and people waited in the store until they rolled out.
Where are you located?
That is correct Don, I've played them at high levels and haven't tripped the breaker yet. The XPA-2 is fine amp as well and served me well. However with the sale prices its hard to pass up on the XPR line. I've also had the XPA- 1 to my ears the XPR-1 sound a tad better. Either way I'm sure the OP will be happy.
Yup. All frys in so. Cal are sold out. Including the display models. Was there yesterday and was very tempted. Course it was either the TV or washing machine. Course i walked out with a washing machine. They do have the 70" sharp for $1599.
Nope. I'm using a furman adapter on the 15 amp outlets. Have yet to trip the breaker. I can tell you I'm enjoying the 1's very much. I would advice you call them as soon as you get a chance. The sale is not advertised and know they will sale quick. The XPR-2 was selling for $1175 but sold out the quick.
PM sent. Thanks
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