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So, I assume it only display the Neo 6, pro logic etc when 2 channels only are being imput?
If I run the ps3 through the 663 and the audio is PCM.. Will the amp display PCM on the front display or will it display the current surround sound decoding method I have turned on. eg. Neo 6 Music etc?
Sorry. I should have said. My front Jamo have side mounted 8" woofers in them!
I would just like to say the enhancement in sound I've got by changing all my speakers to small (including my fronts). Although my fronts have subs (side mounted 8" woofers) in them and can go down very slow, changing them to small and setting the sub setting to SUB only has made such a difference. I'm getting much more mid range, and better highs. I also changed the crossover to 80hz and its sounding wonderful! I don't quite understand what the difference is...
Doesn't the amp automatically switch to the correct decoding if its being sent correct surround sound anyway? And if its 2 channel autio, neo 6 will emulate surround sound.
I'm trying to improve the sound of my setup. What should I have the volume, crossover, and phase set to on my sub before doing the audo setup? The sub is fully changeable..
Just a quick question. How should I have my sub actually set up. I'm trying to improve the sound of my 663 etc. The phase, and crossover. Should I ahve the crossover at max, and the amp handles it? and the phase.. should i have that at 0 or what? Thanks for your help!!
I think i'll keep my 663!! Nothing really stands out making it worth updating.
1. There is no way to automatically turn on adaptive DRC? 2. Whats the deal with sub settings of "both, front, sub etc". I did not quite understand what it means in the manual. I have large tower speakers at the front, but quite a powerful sub. What should i have it on?
Does the 663 not overlay something though if via HDMI. Eg volume? Cheers mate!
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