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and I keep getting the following message "PLAYBACK STD LOCKED PLAYBACK IS RESTRICTED" I have a Canon HV20 A.
Yes I do have an HD Dish receiver.
I don't know why Dish does this, KVII ABC has started broadcasting in 16:9 so we are getting severe over scanning, thanks for your help.
Our local TV stations broadcast HD but Dish converts them to SD and ABC's picture is over scanning by about 10% what chance do I have getting an OTA signal?
I thought I read somewhere that you can adjust the depth of 3D, don't see any mention in the TV manual?
has just acquired to dark grey smudges and with a lighter grey bluriness, I'd describe as like having the top of a large letter V emerging from the bottom of the screen, the two halves of the V are about a foot apart, would this be a bulb issue, it's about 2 years old.
jaball77 the center speaker is the DV62CLR-S and the specs say 38Hz +/-3dB, thanks for all your replies.
My front and center speakers (BIC America) go down to 38Hz and my sub (Dayton) 25Hz.
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