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Can anyone do a frequency response sweep of the B215XL? The guy in this 215D video says it roll of about 110Hz.
I'm in dilemma between choosing this JBL 3677 and Behringer B215XL. The B215XL will give me better placement when rotated (laying horizontally on its side on a cabinet) below my non-AT screen. The 3677 will have to stand on the floor as a center channel. I want clean reference level playback at listening distance of 12 feet.
brianstrawberry has 2 Rythmik FV15HPs to do the lows
Don't forget to post a review.
WIll the B215XL sound harsh at loud volume level (reference level)? How about fatigue-free?What's your listening distance to the speaker?
@imagic How do the B215XL compare with the JBL 3677 speaker? How about B215XL against Klipsch Reference tower like RF82ii?
I don't understand. Brian reduced the subwoofer volume & you get better mid bass slam?
The XLS1000's signal to noise ratio is >97dB. The XLS1500 and better models' signal to noise ratio is >103dB. Better SNR = minimum hiss/noise.
If you watched the video at time 00:49, you'll see the screen is hinged. What type of hinge is suitable to support a 20lb screen?
^^ +1 Many people are interested in dual 8" subwoofers. Perhaps physical design that looks like the almighty Seaton F2 submersives. Can be used as bookshelf speaker stand too. Brian, we're all waiting.
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