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Will the Klipsch Heresy induce comb filtering as its woofer is close to the floor? Isn't it bad?
To the OP @imagic, Do you notice any sound changes when an object pans across the screen? I wonder how the sound changes from 4722 to 3677 to 4722. How's the voice / dialogue sound from the 3677 ? The review mentioned much about bass, but not much about mid-range or highs.
What is the advantage of a much lower xo of the HF element (horn loading / compression driver)?
Have you auditioned the JBL Pro Cinema series, especially the 3722N or 4722N which are priced similarly? How do they fare against the JTR?
http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=klipsch%20synergyAll current models are Discontinued by Manufacturer.I'm still using the Synergy series. B3+C2+S2.Waiting for the new Synergy series. Hoping for bigger woofers (especially the center speaker), better mids and less fatigue.
The price is similar, thus comparable
How's the acoustic transparency of the Black Diamond? Has anyone tried placing a center speaker behind the screen? How much is the high frequency roll off?
Which is better for movies? JBL 4722N or JTR 228HT? I know that MKtheater will choose the JBL but I need more opinions.
Is there anyone with a measurement mic can help? Please do a frequency sweep of speaker placed behind a vinyl non-AT screen. What's the typical frequency where the frequency will start to roll off tremendously? Can Audyssey or other room eq fix the frequency drop (depends on severity)?
How far do you guys place your LCR speakers from the screen? Is 1 foot (measured from the front of speaker to the screen) enough?
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