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Have you compared 2x PB13Ultra vs 1x SubMersive?
What type speakers did you use in the past that made her complained?
Has anyone experienced any failures on the 5509?
Is there a free video sample for me to adjust Audio Delay (lip sync)?
It is possible due to wall/ceiling construction.
Brian, I know what you want. I think you need to look at Mitsubishi projectors, example HC4000, 7800, 7900, etc. They provide the easiest way of maintaining 2.35 and 1.78 ratio. 2.35 displayed with top-bottom letterbox. 16:9 displayed with top-bottom letterbox & left-right pillarbox. No manual zooming or A-lens required. Just simple remote control button click. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi has left the projector business.
Can I split 1 subwoofer output from the AVR into 4 (to hook up 4 subwoofers) using 3 Y-splitters? Any performance penalty?
carp, how far is the MLP (first row seat) to the screen and LCR? Is there a minimum distance for the 212 to sound good?
Is there a need to buy the Orbit Shifter if one were to buy a pair of these 215RT? Is there a minimum listening distance one needs to be from the 215RT speaker?
+1bass management = bass re-direction with crossover control.
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