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Is there a free video sample for me to adjust Audio Delay (lip sync)?
It is possible due to wall/ceiling construction.
Brian, I know what you want. I think you need to look at Mitsubishi projectors, example HC4000, 7800, 7900, etc. They provide the easiest way of maintaining 2.35 and 1.78 ratio. 2.35 displayed with top-bottom letterbox. 16:9 displayed with top-bottom letterbox & left-right pillarbox. No manual zooming or A-lens required. Just simple remote control button click. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi has left the projector business.
Can I split 1 subwoofer output from the AVR into 4 (to hook up 4 subwoofers) using 3 Y-splitters? Any performance penalty?
carp, how far is the MLP (first row seat) to the screen and LCR? Is there a minimum distance for the 212 to sound good?
Is there a need to buy the Orbit Shifter if one were to buy a pair of these 215RT? Is there a minimum listening distance one needs to be from the 215RT speaker?
+1bass management = bass re-direction with crossover control.
Have you compare the JBL 4722N against JTR speakers (Noesis 212 / tripple12)?
Will there be any negative effect on this double-80Hz-XO?
Which software player can convert 2D to 3D? I have tried TMT5, but the conversion looks weird, image is totally distorted & not watchable compare to what my Epson projector can do in terms of 2D to 3D conversion. Or is there any specific settings in the TMT?
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