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I was looking for a nice wall mount set for our basement to use for gaming and general entertainment, and hopped on the current Adorama deal for the 47" LA6900 on Techbargains. Killer price for this set! Any issues to be aware of that are specific to this model? I plan on running through a calibration (Calman/i1 Display) to take advantage of the full CMS when I take delivery in the next week or so.
Willie, you and I will likely be the last Pro8100 users standing! I also demoed the last round of JVCs a while back (haven't taken the time to see the current crop). In my pitch black cave of a room, I rarely find myself wanting for better blacks. The RS45 I saw was clearly better in absolute blacks, but I didn't notice it nearly as much with intrascene contrast and shadow detail was pretty much a wash. The RS45 was also still noticably softer than my Pro8100 (even...
Merry Christmas and happy post-apocalypse everyone! It's been a while since I checked in, but I've also been having good luck with the MWave bulb 18.5' throw and 120" screen 1.4 gain. I'll be posting new calibration settings shortly after the new year, as I still need to rack up a few more hours while I have leave...
Sounds like incorrectly aligned panels. I agree, send it back!
I've got several ongoing projects, but I plan to rack up about 50 -100 hours on the new MWave bulb, and then do a full calibration! I'll be sure to post updated settings when complete. I should be able to hit those hours in the next 2-3 weeks now that football season is here!
For $80 shipped, I'm in as well! Thanks for the tip. I've been meaning to pick up a replacement for some time, and the original just keeps going like the energizer bunny!
http://www.avsforum.com/t/935509/viewsonic-pro8100-1080p-projector/8280#post_21072379These were taken at 2200 hours, and I'm just under 3000 hours on the original bulb at this point! Still in Eco mode, and still plenty bright, but I have noticed some dimming. It's hard to believe these settings are nearly 9 months old! I guess I am due for a new calibration soon. I'll likely pull the original bulb and save it as a backup when I do recalibrate!
You really need to start with gamma at 2.4 and do a full bottoms up calibration, as gamma does have a fairly significant impact on color, especially luminosity. If my 2.4 settings aren't accurate for you, since I noticed some lamp changes when I calibrated (more red/less blue), I promise to do a full run in the near future and post "revised" 2.4 settings with a new/low hour lamp! I have been literally astonished by how good the contrast is at a 2.4 gamma with the full...
Without the PCS enabled, you will not have access to several desirable features... namely gamma of anything other than 2.2 (default) or the 3D CMS to adjust hue and saturation for primaries and secondaries. In other words, your grayscale calibration may be spot on, but you can still see some pretty large delta e numbers for color calibration that will not be corrected without enabling PCS. Your call... Personally, I've moved to 2.4 gamma in my light controlled room and...
+1 If anyone hears from him, tell him to pop in and say hi. I hope all is well! I too get bit every so often by the upgrade bug, that is until I see what it would cost me to upgrade to get a picture better then the Pro8100!
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