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ya id give it a wait, or like the poster above, you could go looking for a used one, the only problem with past models, they cost a lot more than this years, so some of them, even with a huge discount, cost relativley the same as this year, but there may be some out there. my other thought would be, you could go to a b&m like sears or bestbuy and buy from them using financing, some have a 36month no interest. not bad if you dont mind signing up for a credit card, or...
man thats a tough one, um if you wouldnt mind it, wait till labor day and see if you can grad one of the new mitsubishi dlp's. the 60" is 1299 now but im sure itll drop for labor day sales. i would find it really hard to watch something smaller from 20 feet. you could also go the front projector route...
Tunerzine - from looking at your budget, the two main sets i would look at would be the samsung pn58b850 and the panasonic tc-58v10 as far as value, i would choose the v10 mainly because its about 700 cheaper. but seeing as you want to do a lot of gaming, i would go with the panasonic. they are know for being the least susceptible of IR (image retention) and imo has a better customer service. that being said, the best tv is in the eyes of the beholder, take a look at...
hey redwolf, imho it all depends on what your dad would feel about the features, the g10 comes with a few more picture controls, like color temp and such, would your dad be adjusting these? plus, is he a novice veiwer or a hardcore viewer? a novice viewer probably wont notice the differences between the two where as a hardcore viewer will. as for viera cast, as of right now it doesnt have a ton of features and thats another feature that i would ask your dad, if he would...
sounds like a great idea, if anyone would be willing to try it but you could send this on to samsung, for what its worth, maybe they will take note, and could find a solution, this could bring a whole new meaning to "touch of color" haha
i think your looking at the panasonic tc-p42s1, this is a great set that will be fine, if you want a step up model, the tc-p42g10 is a great model too, and if you order off of amazon by the 11th, you get a free blu-ray player
As Tim Alan would say "OH OH OH OH OOH"
happy nightmares - thanks for your input, its tough to do what your doing, but dont worry your doing a great job so from what i read, since i will be using this tv most for video games, your saying that this is where the 837 has the value. this is one area that makes me mad with my crt, there is to much black crush and it gets too dark and a lot of the detail is taken away.
I think that there is only 1 picture seeting for each input. I have all my devices going through an Onkyo 905 with an HDMI cable to my WD-73737. I don't know if the 837 can do this either. This is correct, for both models. i would be kind of nice tho for those of us using a reciever that passes a single hdmi, because i like videogames a little more saturated then my blu-rays, maybe in next years models this will be a feature
Joe - Great to hear, ya i havent seen the 73 so i couldnt make to much of a comment on the bulb, but it sounds like you like so thats great. im happy that you like the 737 and i think that might be the way i go, im sure the blacks will be great and i think the only way you would be able to know if the 837 is better is doing a side by side in front of your eyes, not pics and for most of us that cant happen. so congrats on the TV - John
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