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I may have to buy one and see if Josh can fit in his busy schedule to test it.
You have to wonder if Dayton has de-rated the xmax on these as much as they do on the RSS460.
Yeah ,I want to see 18's !!I am glad they dont have them available now though because I have a quad of Fi IB3 18's coming
I just got an email to the new sales flier and it appears Dayton has been busy... Here is one of the new subs http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=295-512
I have one of those eurekazone smart tracks and I love it!
I have gotten three different flat packs from Erich......damned sure nothing wrong with the packaging !
I'm not Josh but the Dayton drivers don't that gaudy rubber wrap-around gasket .I have two Dayton 390's and I like their gasket design.
Yes , the rubber gasket used on a lot of drivers add width and thickness around the mounting flange. They are also a pain in the a$$ when installing in a close tolerance recess cutout. I personally dont use the gaskets anymore because of these reasons.
I totally agree with Josh. Keep it as simple as possible and avoid a lot of headaches.
Strange, I can't open the site on my laptop or my iPhone .
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