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Today after doing a 0000 Reset, Receiver was in the listing, despite me using an Optic Cable? Normally, never see it unless I'm connected via the ARC Function. Usually use External Speaker for an Optic Connection.
With shipping charges, border charges, exchange charges, plus having to return to the US for any warranty issues - probably cheaper to get the larger model.
Don't forget, the onset of cataracts is spots in you eye - so you see things, your wife doesn't. Starts at at a young age for some, later for others, and mean, miserable old farts - in their 90's!
Timing to AutoCal the PN64F8500 - Grayscale 21 Point - 9 Minutes at .1 dE. 125 Point 3D LUT at .5 dE 28 Minutes. (.1 dE - 1 hour 45 minutes) Both have come a long way from the old days where it was 3 hours for both!
Quote: Miguelronda It is essential to start with the two-point calibration. You must reduce the dE as much as possible before starting the calibration to 11 points. That way you'll get excellent results at both 10 points as well as 21. Set to 11 points is a touchy subject. However, I have had excellent results with the Samsung PDP64D8000 without the need for a mini 3D 2 Point was calibrated first for 30 and 100. Manual calibration was done on the Cal Night. Autocal was...
I've dealt with Chris in the past with no issues, but I guess he's had issues with shipping damages in the past with others, and the last time I spoke with him, he told me it was at my risk. If it's received DOA, there's no recourse. I guess you'll have to wait out LG, or buy the 64". Have a 64" in the basement system, and now can't wait to get a curved 65" to replace my 55". (Cabinet only holds up to a 60" thin bezeled Flat, but should be able to hold a 65" curved with...
Once you've seen a properly calibrated PQ, it's hard to go back!
No one in Northern Ontario with a Jeti that I know of. ChadB doesn't come North of the Border.Jury still out re anything above a 5X5X5 LUT - Tom Huffman stated that the differences were so minute, and for the time involved, not really worth the time nor monies.New Calman 5.3 is allowing for proper delays, and some DIYers are complaining about it now taking longer to do the calibration. (Calibrating today versus several years ago, is a lot faster!)The AutoCal on Movie Mode...
If he got a 0 to 100 Grayscale Flat line - no issue - if not, then the White Balance is required. (And I can't even get one doing the White Balance without compromising.)
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