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It appears Samsung is more interested currently, in getting the Samsung 9000 people their Evolution Kits!
Menage a trois - sorry, my French is a little rusty!
DirecTV, on 107, Input into a Radiance XS-3D, then to the F8500 - 3D, no issue. Check what HDMI Cable you're using if going direct. If through AVR, check input and output cables.
Maybe like the expression being put out about saving water, 2 shower together. Share the Sweet Spot. The rest I'll leave to your imagination.
Curved would allow me to install a 65" into my cabinet, that, in reality, will only hold a newer, thinner 60". Stand goes in the cabinet, curved wings to the outside! Forgot - wife says - NO!
Hmmm. With a Curved 65" UHD, maybe I'll now be able to install in my cabinet that only has room for a 60" Thin Bezeled unit. Stand inside, wings on the outside. PN64F8500 will stay in the basement system. (Although the wife was wanting Bigger! - 78"?)
OK, start drooling! http://www.flatpanelshd.com/article.php?subaction=showfull&id=1395392640&newsletter&utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Samsung%27s+2014+TV+line-up%2C+with+prices+-+LG%27s+flat+OLED+TV+launches+in+the+US+-+Sharp%27s+2014+TVs+-+Philips+monitor+with+Miracast&utm_campaign=20140321_m119658705_FlatpanelsHD+-+March+21%2C+2014&utm_term=newsletter_sub1_jpg
Noticed no 4Ks listed. Would think they'd want to clear out the 4K 2013's before releasing the 2014s.
No ARC Connection - No Receiver listing.Using Optical Cable - No Receiver listing.ARC Connected, and AVR set for ARC, then you'll see the Receiver listing.
LG 55LHX is a fully backlit LCD/LED with 3360 LEDs. Fantastic Blacks and Colour, but the only good viewing area is 15 degrees each side of the sweet spot. (Blooming)OK for me because I'm only watching in the Sweet Spot. LG started Manufacturing Aug 2009, discontinued March 2010. As Calman improves, so do they. (Have a his and hers)The LG 55LV9500 was sold originally as a fully backlit, Active 3D, 240HZ as, I believe 55LW9500. 3D and THX were shut off before selling as...
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