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You're waiting for the set to talk with the Network. Yesterday, I had to actually go into the Network Setup before it decided to start communicating.Note: After 3PM until 10PM weekdays, Internet slows down due to students getting on the system. Until 1AM Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays before Monday Holidays.
This is probably due to continuing spec changes as bugs, problems and issues are found. No sense sending you a `Work in Progress Working Model'. Once they figure they've got it down to about 95% correct, then they'll send the sample. (There's also the issue where a Model comes out, only to disappear 6 months later - seen that with my LG 55LHXs ! Also the LG Active 3D units, that suddenly got dropped as they switched over to Passive 3D))
How many hours were on the set when calibrated? The closer you were to 500 hours, the less change you'll see as the unit gets older. I started calibrating mine at 100 hours, then every 100 hours after that.Was so happy when the Panel decided to let go the Plasma Glow, and I now have a Black Panel. Funny thing here was, the Black result in the Calman reading, hasn't changed from Glow On, to now glow Off.At 100 hours, Black was about 1/2" from the Center Square. Now about...
Handshaking issue.Using cheap HDMI cables.Using Old HDMI Cables, not the newer 1.4 Fast Ethernet.Some newer Samsung Plasmas and the Duo don't get along - had to replace the Duo with a Radiance on my new F8500.
End of Spring, and beginning of Summer, usually ushers in the 2014 arrivals! (About the time the car companies start springing out their 2015 Models). End of Summer, and early Fall, the rest of the 2014s. Mid Fall - tally up the Models that made the Vapourware list! Hmmm - how do you turn LED into a 4 letter word?
Ooooh, a new command we don't know about!http://www.samsung.com/us/support/howtoguide/N0000044/6789/44741/For those who don't want to go through the Forum to find.
Joe Consumer just wants a RCA 60" for $498! In 3 years when it breaks, go out and buy another one! As long as it has colour, displays decent football and/or hockey games, and after a few beers, it looks great, even if to you and I it doesn't ! Videophiles make up, what maybe 3% of the Market? So pretty small market with all those Brands out there trying to sell high end TVs to, and make money.
http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/lg-lineup-201403123665.htm Hmmm!
Yes, I also dream of winning the $50,000,000 lottery!
After the latest calibration, Sharpness best setting was 15. Above, you start to get ringing, below, thickening of the lines. Zero is a no, no. It's really thick on my set. (Using the S&M 2 Sharpness Pattern.)Computer settings for Sharpness exact same on both my LG and F8500 - 50.
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