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The current Outsiders DVD release is a director's cut only which is radically different to the theatrical cut (it would be like only making Apocalypse Now Redux available and not including the 1979 release), wonder what we are getting on the Blu-Ray disc.
The encoding error lasts about 20 seconds of screen time.
...nice bit of compression in # 47, proof that the OP feels not all compression is unwanted
If people feel the camping trip in DH is "long", what are they going to feel about the trip in The Way Back ?
Quote: Originally Posted by oink Either way, this film will reduce anyone, with even an ounce of compassion, to a blubbering mess by the end. Compassion for a piece of domestic appliance programmed to say it wants to see its Mommy
Could they be using some sort of filter to disguise how old the lead actors are looking these days ? i.e 30 not 15 ? like the way they shot starlets in those 1930s/40s black and white movies. Radcliffle looks a lot older in publicity shots than he does in the movies.
This is for a thread about the Blu-Ray disc of Black Swan, not the DVD disc, I'm sure there are other forums to post in if you want to comment about the DVD release
Quote: Originally Posted by mgkdragn The point is, this release does not benefit much from BD .. I guess you needed an explaination based on your post .. Have you compared the Blu-Ray disc with the DVD, in order to make that judgement ? It looks pretty good on HD IMO.
Black Swan was shot by Matthew Libatique, ASC on handheld 16mm so it was never going to look squeaky clean when converted to HD for Blu-Ray
Will it have windmills in that one ?
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