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So in-store exchange is still available, yes? This change is only for mail?
I also logged in to ask just that. Can we do in store trade ins?
My favorite quote of the thread
Usual suspects should be here any minute to defend Harley and attack Ethan now.
I would not get the Harley book. It received terrible reviews for promoting myths as science.
I have been silently following for a while. The same thing keeps happening. No matter what the thread is about usual suspects come in and derail it towards "room treatments" and "ethan" as part of their vendetta. You all really need to stop responding them. mcnarus hit the nail on the head. they are feeding off of this back and forth. stop feeding them.
So I am just curious about this non-USA stuff. Do you use a computer? I assume you do. How do you find one built in USA? Do you have iPhone? Nikes?
Did you know Amir considers himself an objectivitist?
They go back. All of this started after Ethan bad-mouthed Amir's forum after Amir didn't stand up for him against other forum members and banned Ethan. Amir has been on a crusade against Ethan since.
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