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For the A5's on my computer I use the Outlaw M8 (Hsu STF-1). They work very well together.
Yes I am happy with them. It's a fine subwoofer, it makes the most of the 8" woofer at that price-point. Great for computer audio & blends in well with the Audioengine 5. I'd like run duals but I really don't use my computer system for jamming.
I run my PC-12 Plus [w/anti-mode 33] in a 20 x 12 x 8.5h room with a wide opening into a 10 x 10 room on one side and it seems pretty effortless in handling the square footage. The cylinder shape is a love/hate thing, personally I like it a lot.
I run an Outlaw M8 [same as the Hsu STF-1] with mine on my computer system and they're excellent together. I've used an Infinity Classia PSW310 with good results as well. No need to use the Audioengine sub I think.
When shopping and researching for a sub the drama around him seemed non-stop, frankly it scared me away. Maybe that was unfair but going with an SVS sans theatrics seemed the better route.
I sprang for the Evo30s to play around with and enjoy them. The maple finish is very nice--much like the Quad L series made in the same complex--and WAF friendly. They're not high-end more upper-range of mid-fi [for lack of a better way of putting it]--for example the ACI Jaguars in my avatar are in another league--but certainly an introduction. While [understandably] coming up short against the Jags when I put them up against my ACI 25th Anniversary Sapphires and the...
A few months ago I returned one item to Vann's and they made it an easy process I thought. I've had several purchases and never an issue with them. That was before the bankruptcy issues started a few weeks ago, not sure if that's changed anything.
To be fair the same review concludes with the following for the REL: More Than Just a Pretty BassThere’s no question that the REL R-328 is a remarkably musical subwoofer that does a fantastic job for movies, too. But be advised: To really get the sensational sub-bass foundational benefit that the R-328 (or any REL sub) is designed to provide, you’ll need to spend some serious time on the tuning and be willing to place the subwoofer where it will sound best—not where it’s...
I just got a PC12-plus & its a great sub. I'd had an sb-12 previously and it's just a levels above in terms of performance, but that is a long drive.
I'd love a pair of Totem Mani 2's, really an amazing speaker and not out of reach financially. Love Sonus Faber as well, esp anything from the Homage line. Back in the mid-80s I remember listening to an incredible system by Infinity, can't for the life of me remember the model but they were huge speakers. Frankly my ACI Jaguar 2000s still put a smile on my face, I could live with them forever.
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