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Yep,I use Audyssey pro with my 5509
Thats interesting,i tried an Ice powered Rotel RMB-1575 with my MKsound mp150's, they didnt work together sounding dead & lacking dynamics,i now have have an XPR-5 & it is a truly stunning amp with incredible dynamics.
Thanks jdsmoothie, so much easier to ask all the AVP experts here than look at the manual
Hi all, I have been using my macmini connected to my AVP with an optical cable for my music for over a year now & I'm really happy with the sound,I have been wondering though if I can connect via a USB cable as I believe it eliminates jitter that spdif suffers from. I would still want to use remote via phone/iPad to control the mac & not the built in interface though,anyone doing this,is it possible ? Jason
This issue came up on the Audyssey thread,Audyssey do not control the amount of trim +or- db available in the prepro/avr,they are whatever the manufacturer thinks is necessary & -12 is usually enough. The answer is to balance you're trims manually at a higher level e.g.78db with an spl meter after running Audyssey,this will not effect the filters but will ensure you're speakers are balanced for level.
I actually prefer it this way
I am the same,I like the sound of the standard curve (I use flat for music) & like to use what little time I get to listen to music rather than faff about trying different curves.I have a feeling my Kef reference xover at 2.5k also,maybe one day I'll try moving the dip down too.
You can use the kit for as many devices as you like but you need to buy a license for each device.
You register you're kit on the Audyssey website & buy the license on there too,it's all painless & I think the pro kit is a worthwhile investment,nice to see graphs of results too.
Great post & excellent idea using the before graph to optimise speaker positions,have you tried using the curve without midrange comp ?
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