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Anyone receive any PS+ code yet?
I should probably check to see if I'm experiencing this issue.
Not worried about status, just wanted to know if they sent out any email about anything when you subscribe. I just don't want to miss out on any invites that I get as a + member.
I'm curious, when you guys signed up for PS+, did you guys get anything in your email from Sony about having signed up? I signed up a couple weeks ago and didn't receive anything. However, when I made a purchase in the PS Store, I got my invoice about said purchase.
The demo was pure garbage. This went from a day 1 to maybe a later pick up. I guess once I've played the sweetness that is Need for Speed, this game just doesn't stack up.
You need to forward ports. go to www.portforward.com
Joe, you need to add FIFA 12 and PES2012 to the list of multi-plats
anyone got any thoughts on the Tron dynamic theme?
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