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The only thing so far is that it can't decode DTS HD MA internally. But this will be fixed with the next Firmware update. I can totally recommend the Samsung Bd-P 1500
1.) Model: Samsung LE 37 A 552 2.) Why?: Because I wanted a Samsung Full HD and they had this one in stock. 3.) The picture quality when watching Blu Ray's or HD-DVD's 4.) Picture not perfect when watching over the cable box 5.) Features: It's actually not missing anything 6.) Advice: Keep doing what you are doing. I just bought the TV and also a Blu Ray Player from Samsung and I am totally happy 7.) I wasn't prepared for such a good picture. (After having watched Blu...
First time after updating my Ep-30 with the new firmware it started loading the disc and the said: "System Error". I unplugged it and turned it back on. Then I did load the disc but stopped before the movie started. After turning it off and on for 3 times it finally worked perfectly
I really liked it. A Rambo with a story. Though, not too much of it. And the technical aspects of the disc: Might be the best looking and sounding disc that's been released on Blu so far.
I had a laserdisc player with pretty good equipment. For example "Speed" or "Independence Day" on dvd never even got close to their Laserdisc counterparts. Now with Blu Ray and DTS HD sound that has changed.
Can't argue with that. I listened to a few PCM Tracks and the to some True HD and DTS HD Master. Honestly I can't hear the difference. (And my equipment is very good)
The only thing that could really boost it would be, if they released some of the following titles: Star Wars 4-6 Indiana Jones 1-3 (and then the 4th installment) Lord of the Rings Trilogy Well you get the idea..
You are right about that. There were no good european releases. The only one I ever bought was "Last Action Hero". For about $100. Didn't matter that Sony produced most of their US Discs in Austria. I found that rather funny. I ordered my LD's in the States and then they had a sticker: "Made in austria". I really believe Blu Ray will continue to be an enthusiasts forum for quite some time
Studies often show all kinds of things. I work at an electronic retailer (The worlds 2nd largest actually). When I look in the DVD Department People are leaving with hands full of DVD's. I seldom see someone buying a Blu Ray. Maybe it'll change. Still I think DVD and Blu Ray will co-exist.
Technically speaking, the HD-DVD Format was mature from Day 1. All options worked. You didn't need Profile 1.1 or even 2.0 to get internet features and so on. Sadly Toshiba wasn't able to market it right.
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