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Amazon lists the shipping weight as 31lbs vs the onkyo tx nr626 as 26lbs
I woudl say more like an integra dtr 30.4http://www.integrahometheater.com/zoom.cfm?m=DTR-30.4#
Interested too of thoughts...
Did i misread the specs or did onkyo drop audyssey room callibration with the 636?
Correct. I would rank the f8500 a 10, the sony hx850 a 8.5, and the w850a a 7
Correct. Complete typo. We have the 32w650a inour kitchen. Great set.
Firstly, thank you for your messages and help. I followed your instructions and found i could not quite get there. The semi-matte screen does sacrafice a bit of detail/sharpness over a glossy screen. The biggest issue i found other than narrow viewing angle was the inability to get as bright without sacrificing back level fidelity.No complaint on the tv set all in all; just think the f8500 is in a league with few others
Sadly, just boxed up the w650a to take back...picture quality was simply not even in the same ballpark with the samsung pn64f8500. Really wanted to make this work (own a sony kdl55hx850 i love), but the viewing angles are quite narrow before black becomes dark blue and i could not get nearly the contrast i had hoped for, even with whitesands vivids settings. For folks on the fence, check out the samsung pn64f8500...tv is incredible although it is $600 more than the sony
Can someone please link me to whitesands vivid settings? I picked one of these up and was auditioning it next to a samsung pn64f8500. I used the sound & vision review settings and the picture quality is horrible compared to the samsung. Thanks
At 3 grand, there is not better value for exceptional picture quality at that size in the market right now. I dont have a lot of confidence in the h7000's arrival and figured this would be the last chance to get picture quality of this level before oleds become mass marketed in 5 to 6 years.
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