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Own both...go with the GT50
Watch the sony just a few degrees off center and let us know your thoughts...I own an xbr929 and hx850 and a gt50...the gt50 is the finest set i own and on par with my pioneer pdp5020
This sir is what they call mental masturbation
The fate of plasma resides in the margin of the high end enthusiast market...and the delay of viable oled.
Read this; you're a bit off on your assertion:http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/30/amazon-salestax-idUSL1E9CH7QQ20130130
Texas recently - july 1 2012 - began charging sales tax on all amazon purchases. Coupled with bestbuy getting more competitive with most amazon prices, i have found myself consciously trying to buy local and support local employment/infrastructure.
I think the 2011 samsungs might be a better option...the d series can get bright and preserves blacks better than the pannys...crutchfield had 59d8000s for sub $1,500
This parsimony leads to the cheapest production possible, high failure rate, and ultimately disposable sets lasting months in lieu of years. The consumer may be king, but his kingdom will be full of short-lived crap. CEs are not in it to lose money.
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