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Chris, A few questions 1) I do have a camera that will digitize it and I will do that but, will I lose quality in the video when transferring to dv format? 2) If yes, enough to make a big difference? 3) Should I import the video using final cut pro or imovie to retain as much quality as possible?
Hey guys, I own both imovie (latest version) and Final Cut Studio 2. Whats the best way to import this video without any loss of quality or degradation. I hope this is the right forum for this question.
Hey guys! I'm so excited that I just receieved my new 27" iMac!!!! I'm digitizing all of my media on my new 1 TB. Now I've been doing well so far but I have no come to a bump in the road when importing video from my Sony Camcorder DCR-TRV140.... I need to buy a firewire 6 - 4 Pin DV for it to work! I know it will work because of other forums confirming this. But, I do not have a firewire 400 on my computer. I need to find either of these two 1) A cable that is...
Hello, I was wondering if anybody can clue me in on how to transfer my high quality recorded videos from my DVR to my external hard drive. This model has an esata port that connects from the DVR to the esata port on the back of an external hard drive. Are there any tips, software, or could you direct me to a thread with all this information. Thanks!
Hey guys just want to re-ask this general question. how do i calibrate a Playstation 3 for both movies and gaming on the system/input? OR! turning on and off theater mode good enough? I also set my tv input for that system to game mode and i hear thats quite good. any suggestions or ideas?
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