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Thanks for the suggestions, I sold it for $1300. I would of kept the tv if I wasn't traveling 3k miles. Something about a plasma and cross country trip just doesn't sound right. Kuros are amazing sets but the 800 gives it a decent run if it's calibrated. Get the Kuro calibrated and it blows it out of the park. I'd like to stick around $2500. I'm open to all suggestions!
Hi! its been awhile since I've been on AVS and I've since gone through many changes in my home theater set up. I moved from the east coast to the west and sold my Panasonic TH-58PZ800U (calibrated by Gregg Loewen)in the process. I am now looking to purchase a new tv and I am in need of some help! I want to stick around 55-60" and obviously just want a great picture.. I really havent even narrowed down any TVs. I was hoping you all would help me with that. It'd be for daily...
nice setup bud. I have the same stand in black. its been a great stand so far. Whered you get yours? Keep up the good work. regards, George
Nice! so thats what you did with the one from the living room? Hows the 52" in the bedroom? I currently have a 40" samsung in the bedroom and want to upgrade to a 46" but i am afraid it will be too much. Im sure it will look great keep us posted!
Does anyone have any pics of the Gems on there stand? and also the height with speaker mounted? I am trying to decide to wall mount them again or get a stand. I appreciate it
LD, Looking good. That Pio is a beast. My brother-in-law just picked one up from BB for less than 200. So far he loves it. Any plans on upgrading the display? Keep up the good work everything is looking great. George
Hey I am in the market for a new tv for my bedroom. I currently have a 40" samsung LNT 4061f. Its been a good tv but I have a 58" panasonic in the living room and now I cant stand watching tv in the bedroom also I think itd help me keep hours off of my other tv. Obviously id like to stick with panasonic but with all the new models they have out I was trying to get a couple opinions. It would be used for gaming/movies/hdtv. My requirements would be: Under $1250 46"...
Cleveland Plasma is great. I ordered my Panny from them last year. I got it within a week with no issues.
small world! its sad thats how I remember it as well. lol
+1 on that. I've had the 58pz800 for about 5 months now and love it. I personally have not seen a better looking display. Granted I got mine Calibrated and I live in the sticks so my BB doesnt carry much of anything. I sit at 9-10 feet from my tv. And I do not scan the tv one bit. Good Luck
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