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No, it's a legit question to ask.Your situation, on the other hand, is a different beast. That fact that you would come on here and lie about a price you got to make others feel bad is just sad.
Best blacks eh? Quite a few would argue with that. Also, blooming and poor off axis viewing are very visable tradeoffs.
So first you say you paid $2699, then you say you paid $3000 less $500, then you post an electronic receipt after saying you purchased in store that says $2599.You are smart enough to see how this looks, right?
If it were me, I'd go with the ST60.... and I own a VT50 myself.
I would just add a small caveat that watching non-stop letterbox material (or anything with a static image) for the first few hundred hours would be all that I would be concerned with. But then again, probably not wise to do regardless, however, some feel the TV is more susceptible to burn-in during the break-in period.
Please do - if true i'm sure others would be greatful.
I'm not believing anything this guy says unless he provides some kind of receipt scan.
You must be joking.
Argueably the ZT60 did, not the VT60.
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