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Service manual is available here: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vcr-repair/4769-service-manual-jvc.html It might be worth asking for repair advice while you are there too.
No error codes have appeared on the display, which is really odd.
VHCapture never worked right with this card for me. Apparently it uses an older method to access DirectShow devices and isn't quite compatible with this card. Never had a problem with it in VirtualDub though (which is more updated).
Hello all, I'm looking for repair advice on a Pioneer DVL-909 DVD/LD player I just picked up. It appears to be mechanically sound with no grinding noises, the disc transport, loading tray, and laser pickup assembly transport appear to be working properly. Problem is, it doesn't want to play any discs. When I put in a Laserdisc, it spins up and begins playing with a spinning disc on the lower left hand corner of the blue screen, I never get any video or audio. No luck...
I just bought one at my local RS here in NJ. It was listed as clearance with limited stock on hand. Does anyone know if this unit will decode C-QUAM AM Stereo signals like the Sangean?
Quote: Originally Posted by Colmino Aside from the lack of future proofing with the audio, this sounds like the way to go. If I really cared about future proofing that much, I'd be holding off for 1080p60 and 4:4:4 support, and I sure don't see that anywhere. AVermedia has a 1080p card listed on their international site, I'd assume its eventually coming to the US. Just don't expect the HDCP trick to...
Because hard drives can fail without warning. There is also a lot of VHS content out there that still hasn't been released to DVD and may NEVER see release due to rights. Also, the majority of VHS to DVD work I have been doing is archiving home videos, something I just can't go to the store and buy on DVD.
They are also a great deck for VHS/SVHS playback for transfer to DVD. It has a great TBC/DNR unit similar to JVC's Digipure built in.
OK, got the SR-VDA400US setup. Believe it or not this machine with literally Plug-n-Play. Plugged in the firewire cable, Windows 7 x64 installed some drivers and I'm all set with using CapDVHS for capture and VLC for viewing tapes.
The last 5u went for over $300: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=290541016275 Most people are grabbing these things for VHS to DVD transfers since they are good at that. Two models that seem unloved are the Mitsubishi HS-HD1100U and Panasonic PV-HD1000. Both require a firewire decoder for viewing and both lack a TBC and DNR for analog VHS playback. Also search for JVC's lesser known Professional models. The SR-VDA300U is a rebranded HM-DH30000U and the SR-VD400US...
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