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I'm really hoping that they reorganize the marketplace on the XB1 soon. I miss categories, since it was easier to find what I was looking for.
Feel free to add me on Xbox. My tag is in the signature.
I played it for a while on pc and the UI is horrible. The only thing that made it bearable was grabbing some addons, something that won't be doable on consoles.
Yeah it was, thanks for finding that one for me.
Quick update. With the video card that came with my pc, I was running WoW on high settings at around 40-60 fps. I got the 750 ti in last night and fired up WoW and ran it on ultra at between 170-200 fps for most of the night. I only dropped under 100 once when I was in a big city with a ton of players. I also turned the draw distance all the way up and it still ran smooth.
Something like the crackdown they did a long time ago in the playstation forum when things weren't going so well for the ps3. The sticky that reads:No more threads on PS3 sales figures!All they do is incite flame wars.Whether it be that the PS3 is selling well, or not so well.Also, we are going to crack down on the fanboys in this forum. If you don't own a PS3, and have no intention of owning a PS3... DON'T POST HERE!I wonder how much longer we will go here before we get...
To the people that have this, what is the max number of players you can have? I thought I saw two, which may be a deal breaker. I have two boys that I would play some of these games with, but they won't have fun if one has to sit out while the other plays.
I saw that Target was selling the titanfall bundle with a year of live for $450. That's an awesome deal which means you basically get the console for $330.
Anyone who has followed Phil before knows that he really is all about the games. I am excited that he has the position he has now. He will do a lot of good things for the Xbox. I mean, until they sell it in a year or something like that.
Yeah it is being shipped. I did a lot of research last night, including the games I want to play that are out right now. This system will handle them, and if I upgrade to the video card that Dagamepimp linked above, then it will run them even better. I am not expecting to have my face melted, but then again I am not looking to run those kind of games right now anyways.
New Posts  All Forums: