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I'm moving to Arizona from Columbus Ohio soon...I'm selling my 8060 towers for a 1000 for the pair if anyone wants them...pick up only though...😁
I have 8060 towers...when I got them I also bought the 8060 center.After owning the center for a while I too just liked my two towers up front with no center...too me it sounded better.Don't let people fool you into thinking a center is necessary...if your mains image very well in my eyes and experience the center isn't really needed.
hehe yea it is...
Tom Cruise you mean...:-D
I was asking DMT but cool that you have heard them...I love mine just need something a tad smaller...
what towers with built in subs have you heard in your own home?
Im selling my 8060-st towers for 1200...they are in A+ condition...trying to consolidate my setup if anyone's interested.I'm in Columbus Ohio...
Also if you meant you have 8060 and 8040 towers and the 8040 center then set all towers to large with just speaker wire...no LFE cables from towers to avr...and set the center to small with an 80 hz crossover.
If I'm reading right you have towers all around correct?...if so try the following...reset your ave to factory.Then go into setup and set all of your speakers to large.Set the distance for each speaker from your listening position.Do not run MCACC...instead put your avr into stream direct mode.After that press the audio peramiters button on your remote and turn off evry setting like 24 bit processing and such.Exit the menu and pop in a bluray like tron legacy or dark...
own a vsx 60 elite with a pair of 8060 towers and the best way I found to set mine up was large and use the stream direct mode...as in no EQ.MCACC with bipolar speakers doesn't give great results I've found.
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